Rio Piedras Campus

Early 2017, the Housing Program at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, sought for a handful of quotes from different furniture suppliers and manufacturers. Our student residences needed a facelift and these quotes would be the first step towards budgeting and eventually realizing an ambitious project. Just a few months later, Hurricane Maria wrecked the better part of our island, including our Campus.

As soon as telecommunications started to be restored, I was able to read an e-mail sent by one of the companies we had contacted. Ecologic Furniture found out we had been hit hard and contacted us to see how we were doing and, more importantly, how they could be of any help. At this point, our hopes for a refurbishing project had inevitably been postponed as restoring our infrastructure assumed priority. Nonetheless, storm winds pushed water all throughout the residences and into the students’ rooms. It was clear that our sights needed to be refocused but it was also clear that new furniture would have a much needed positive effect on our students’ quality of life.

Ecologic Furniture was the first and only company to offer help. They donated new beds, mattresses and futons for our students. The impact of a life-altering natural disaster is impossible to calculate but it is in these difficult times that a helping hand can go a long way. The admirable people of Puerto Rico have evidenced resiliency and unaltered determination, starting with our students. Fortunately, and showing the other humane side of the coin, more so than not, we have received help from those who rise to the occasion and show uninterested solidarity.

Thank you Dan Goldman for deciding to write that e-mail.

– Darwin J. Marrero
Assistant Dean of Student Services
University of Puerto Rico
Rio Piedras Campus