ECOLOGIC is a full-service interior design,
manufacturing and installation furniture company that specializes in student housing. Our staff includes highly experienced logistics and installation coordinators. Our reputation is based on providing consistent, responsive, superior service to our customers. In working as an extension of your staff, our primary goal is to keep up our tradition of swift, efficient installations during tight-time parameters.

A proprietary documentation system ensures our installations are prompt and exceed expectations. We understand the time sensitivity of both new installations and “turn” replacements. Installations are performed by in-house installation crews with occasional assistance from professional installation contractors. But, no matter who is actually moving the furniture, Ecologic representatives are always on-site and always responsible for the process.

Delivery & Installation Steps

Understanding the value of time, the significance of stakeholder involvement, standard of care, and collaborative effort are all requirements of a successful installation. Ecologic’s step-by-step approach outlined below are characterized by the following milestones:



  • Project scope and documentation 
  • Pre-install meeting
  • Job-site conditions assessment 
  • Planning
  • Project labor planning  
  • On-site receiving staging and installation evaluation
  • Permit and certificate of insurance coordination.


  • Determine the number of 53’ trucks required
  • Determine order of products to be received
    (beds are typically first)
  • Contract loads with carrier
  • Determined transit time
  • Develop load chart
  • Ship order.

Installations Description

  • Install items ordered-placement
  • Installation site management and troubleshooting
  • Product receiving and placement
  • Debris staging and removal
  • Building and job-site productions
  • Clean up and product adjustment.

Building Protection

  • Provide standard building protection equipment
    used throughout the furniture-moving industries.
  • Install protection devices on each floor including
    floors, walls, hallway floors and corners. Install
    protection at all used doorways.

Exterior Protection

(when specified by customer)

  • Take necessary precaution to protect exterior of
    building and landscaping.


  • Furniture walk-through with client
  • Customer sign-off
  • Post installation adjustments
  • Customer satisfaction follow up