Ecologic Furniture is proud to offer select customers a lease option.   Given the constraints on cash flow and high development costs, as well as the desire for a refresh of furniture styles over a shorter time period, we are proud to offer customized furniture leasing solutions to our clients.  Ecologic’s lease option provides our customers an option to purchase furniture without the cash outlay and can be structurds as a capital, operating or lease to own.    Additionally, Ecologic often does not use third parties for this lease option as we are proud to offer this option through our in-house capital structure.

There are several benefits to this option including:

  • Conserves Working Capital
  • Possible Tax Advantages (Customer should consult accountant)
  • Lease payments are fixed whereas bank financing may be variable
  • Master Lease Program for easy annual replacement of furniture
  • Lease Program can include Service Program and Installation
  • Leasing Program can keep that “Fresh Look for Furniture” in the continued competition for students

Ecologic typically looks at a 2 to 5 year lease program and each situation is customized for our customer’s needs.

Please contact us with any questions or to learn more how we can help with your furniture needs.