Install Questionnaire

Install Questionnaire

Is this project applying for LEED certification?
Single trip install or multiple trips (phases)
Is this an existing building or new construction?
Are hard hats required during install?
Are there elevators we can use?
Will elevator(s) be exclusive to Ecologic during install?
Is building accessible to 53’ trucks?
Is there a dock?
Can you provide floor plans or layouts
Any additional requirements for access to building? *Client responsible for any special permitting for access to site.
Type of worker required:
Is there a wage that must be met for laborers
May Ecologic Furniture visit the job site?
If new construction, will the certificate of occupancy be secured prior to install?
Will the area be furniture ready at delivery (all trades clear)
IS there a locked or 24hr guarded area to stage furniture?
Will dumpsters be provided by client for Ecologic's use?
If applicable, will property offer recycling services?

Maximum file size: 52.43MB

We will contact you to schedule a date and time for our visit

Customer to provide dumpsters per order confirmation.

Ecologic® requests the property to provide a furniture placement list by floor and/or suite prior to install.

Note: During installation, the property agrees to provide Ecologic Furniture with unimpeded access to each location of
furniture installation, including but not limited to, entrances and exits, stairwells, designated elevators, doorways, hallways
and living units. The property agrees that Ecologic Furniture’s ability to install furniture is conditioned on the ability to have
access as defined.

Buyer agrees and acknowledges any costs related to a site that is not free and clear and does not meet the conditions above may result in additional fees and change order.