Private Developers

Ecologic Furniture, an Illinois-based company, was founded in 1989 and is now in its 32nd year of business. Ecologic is a full-service student housing furniture design and manufacturing firm that specializes in creating elegant, yet durable, environmentally friendly student furniture.

Ecologic is one of the largest providers of furniture for the purpose-built student housing industry.   As a leading supplier Ecologic has built a full suite of complimentary products and services to assist our clients implement a full-service furniture platform. Our staff includes highly experienced production engineers, designers, project managers and installation coordinators.  We are proud that our reputation is based upon providing consistent, responsive, superior service to our customers. In working as an extension of our clients, our primary goal is to continue a tradition of technical innovation and design excellence in furniture manufacturing and installation management. Ecologic has facilities across the United States including our corporate headquarters in Illinois, as well as showrooms and offices in Denver, CO and Naples, FL.


Project Management

As part of our commitment to a full service platform, Ecologic has implemented an On-Line/Mobile Project Management Software.  Our software enables us to create an online portal for each property and allows all the relevant parties to that specific property to access the online portal.   As such, we can have all our customer’s properties as separate projects and communication can be posted to specific discussion boards.   Additionally, documents and pictures can be posted on the site so that all the information regarding the project is centralized.     Each project will have specific members to ensure Regionals have access to their portfolio and General/Property Managers have access to their specific property.  


Turn Metrics

Ecologic’s commitment to excellence is to manufacture the highest quality products for our customers. Our furniture is engineered and manufactured to the highest standards and offers years of maintenance-free usage. Ecologic stands behind its products and warrants them to be free from manufacturer defects in materials and craftsmanship. We guarantee the replacement or repair of any defective product subject to warranty.


Ecologic is proud of our demonstrated track record with outstanding furniture quality.  However, some percentage of part replacements are to be expected, particularly when dealing with large volumes of furniture.  Ecologic’s metrics to assess product quality is to assess the rate of TURN replacements needed over a 3 year period.   By way of example, for the three-year period of 2017-2019 Ecologic provided one customer approximately 46,344 pieces of furniture at 12 unique properties which yielded a total of only 309 TURN replacements items in 2020 (after three years of usage.)  To place it in perspective, this equates to a very low .67% replacement rate which is reflective of the high quality of our products.


Asset Management

Ecologic partners with our clients to maintain their inventory assets through collaboration tools.   Ecologic will setup each unit, by property, and inventory each unit from installation through turn walk-through, to turn-installation.   Any missing items can be easily identified and tracked through our collaboration, allowing our customer to focus on delivering great experiences for their student residents and relying on Ecologic to track the furniture.   This will be done throughout the multiple sites to ensure our client’s can track their inventory by site and across the portfolio.



Ecologic’s proprietary documentation system ensures our installations are on time and exceed expectations. We understand the time sensitivity of both new installations and “turn” replacements. As such, as part of our commitment to outstanding customer service, we have a documented, proven philosophy for our installations. Ecologic installations are performed by both in-house installation crews and augmented with professional installation contractors. However, no matter who is actually moving the furniture, Ecologic representatives are always on-site and always responsible for the process.   Additionally, we have 30 years of experience performing installations in all types of situations, including large campuses, urban settings, with and without union requirements and under the most demanding conditions.