Colorado State University

A commitment to extreme customer service helps CSU successfully open its newest
residence hall on a tight turn schedule.

Colorado State University houses over 5,000 students in 13 on-campus residence halls. The University’s Housing and Dining Services department is committed to providing students with attractive, safe and eco-friendly furniture options as part of a University-wide commitment to sustainability. So when Colorado State was building a new residence hall, they turned to Ecologic Furniture to provide desks and chairs from our Classic Oak line. The Oak desks and chairs are manufactured with water-based stains and glues with North American hardwoods to minimize carbon footprints, helping CSU meet their goals for “actively involving our students, guests and staff in resource conservation, waste reduction, and sustainable practices and programs.” Sustainability wasn’t CSU’s only concern. A previous vendor’s residence life furniture line hadn’t proven to be durable enough to meet CSU’s needs, and had to be replaced every two to three years— raising CSU’s total cost of ownership. So Ecologic Furniture’s track record of durability also made our products attractive. But what really sold Colorado State was Ecologic’s company-wide commitment to extreme customer service.
When CSU was building its new residence hall, construction delays wreaked havoc on the University’s furniture delivery schedule. Other vendors—such as the Ecologic competitor who was supplying lounge furniture—simply dropped off the new furniture in the middle of a construction zone, forcing work to continue around the new furniture (and exposing the brand-new furnishings to construction debris and potential damage). Only Ecologic Furniture worked with Colorado State to safely store CSU’s new furniture on our site, at
our expense, until construction was completed and the furniture could be delivered to and loaded into a finished facility instead of a hard-hat area. Ecologic Furniture also worked with Colorado State to remain competitive on price, guaranteeing no price increases for two years. Viewing Colorado State’s success as our success helped to inspire this testimonial:

Thank you for handling our business over the
past two years. It has been my joy to work with a
company whose staff has the character, ability,
willingness to pull all the stops out to ensure
their customers are happy. It was my pleasure…
to see the care and concern you all put into
the ordering, delivery, and installation of each
piece. I look forward to our next remodel…and
hopefully working with this fine team again.
A. Ramón Garcia, Colorado State University