Illinois State University

Ecologic’s custom design and manufacturing capabilities help ISU create an enriching— and sustainable—residence life atmosphere to attract discriminating students.

Illinois State University houses over 6,000 students in eleven on-campus residence halls, plus two University-owned apartment developments. Illinois State’s goal is to provide a diversity of residence life options that can help enrich students‘ learning experiences—both academically, and in terms of life skills. One of those life skills is sustainable living. Illinois State University has demonstrated its commitment to reducing its environmental impact by choosing full room set-ups from Ecologic Furniture’s Collegiate line, which features recycled and reclaimed steel and environmentally-friendly laminates. ISU’s “green” goal is to enhance life and
meet current needs, while maintaining resources for future generations. Purchasing earth-friendly residence life furniture from Ecologic Furniture helps ISU further its mission of “adopting a more sustainable lifestyle both in the workplace and at home.” Ecologic customized our Collegiate line of residence life furniture to Illinois State’s exacting standards, in addition to creating new furniture and hundreds of customized room designs from scratch. We even fabricated samples of new designs to help Residence Life managers make informed furniture selections.

Ecologic’s team of designers and customer service representatives worked closely with all of the constituencies involved in ISU’s furniture purchase process—from interior designers to facilities managers—to ensure that our products met everyone’s needs, whether that be affordability, or durability, or ease of assembly or attractive design. Our finely-tuned supply chain—managed on-site by Ecologic Furniture’ own employees—often allows us to deliver our residence life furniture products even faster than local suppliers. This on-site management also makes us far more responsive than most campus furniture vendors.

Illinois State University is proud to offer a variety of community housing options for our students. We believe in offering high levels of service to our students and we expect the same from our vendor-partners. Ecologic Furniture has been one of those partners for more than five years. Their focus on outstanding customer service coupled with a product line that meets our students’ needs are the perfect complements to our goals of building a student centered housing program for Illinois State. We have been so pleased with the entire team
at Ecologic and appreciate their hard work and dedication to our staff and students.
Maureen Blair, Illinois State University