It’s easy to assume that dorm room furniture is all manufactured the same way, consists of cheap materials, and is neither stylish nor a comfortable place to relax. However, these are just myths, as the right choices result in high quality, well-crafted items for dorm rooms or other student living facilities. First, let’s define dorm room furniture. This is any piece designed to provide space-saving benefits for small, shared areas, including loft beds, desks, chairs, sofas, or shelving.

With the right materials, crafting techniques, and design, dorm room furniture can be a durable, long lasting purchase. Choosing the right manufacturer and furnishing provider will eliminate the many concerns derived from the myths and misconceptions of dorm room furniture. The following assumptions are some of the most common:

  • Manufacturing techniques are all the same.
  • Materials do not increase or decrease quality.
  • Dorm room furniture has no flair or style.
  • Comfort is not an option.
  • Assembly is difficult & hard to manage.

With the wrong provider, these misconceptions could easily be true, but not at Ecologic Furniture. So, what makes a good piece of dorm room furniture? Why do purchases often result in disappointment? We want to discuss the answers to these pertinent questions as well as what sets us apart from our competition.

 Materials & Manufacturing Techniques

A high quality piece starts with the right materials and manufacturing techniques. The methods used to produce a piece of student housing furniture are critical to its durability, comfort, and perceived value. How a piece of furniture is crafted plays a significant role in its quality since not every company uses the same manufacturing processes or materials. For example, if the processes used to acquire wood or form metal do not produce quality materials, then the furnishing will not be able to hold up under regular use or in moments of extreme stress. How the materials are sourced and handled is just as important as the craftsmanship put into every furniture piece.

The manufacturing process involves multiple stages, starting with the preparation of the wood, metals, or other materials used to create the necessary pieces. A high quality piece cannot be produced unless this phase of the process is done correctly, with efficiency, and in an environmentally conscious manner. After the appropriate assembly components have been crafted, they are sanded, assembled, and finished. Any corners cut during these processes will reduce the quality of the finished product.

When low quality wood, glues, or fastening components are used to craft and assemble each piece, the result is less durability – a characteristic vital in effective dorm furniture, as it must withstand excessive use and wear. Additionally, every panel and piece is completely finished to ensure no splitting occurs. At Ecologic Furniture, we use only the best materials and practices to deliver the following qualities:

  • Modular Construction
  • Kiln-Dried Hardwood
  • Heavy-Gauge Inner Springs
  • Double-Stitched Seams
  • Renewable & Recyclable Materials
  • Proprietary Engineering Techniques

PVC-Free Fabrics

We offer dorm room furniture made with PVC-free fabrics, which means they do not contain polyvinyl chloride (a chemical which has been linked to adverse health effects). The benefits of PVC-free fabrics include:

  • Increased Durability
  • Reduced Health Risks
  • Faster Decomposition
  • Increased Environmental Safety
  • Reduced Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) Emissions
  • Elimination of Harmful Chemicals Like Phthalates

The use of PVC-free fabric is just one example of how we take steps to provide healthy, safe dorm room furniture solutions. Many practices are used to promote sustainability, including the use of recyclable materials and eco-friendly manufacturing techniques. Providing sustainable, high quality, environmentally safe lifetime use products is our primary goal at Ecologic Furniture.

Style & Comfort

Many believe that producing durable and environmentally conscious dorm room furniture must be done at the expense of style and comfort, but Ecologic Furniture takes extra measures to ensure stylish, comfortable options are abundantly available. Sourcing furniture that is both comfortable and stylish for your dorm room or space-restricted living area is totally possible!

Ecologic Furniture offers a diverse collection of fashionable dormitory furniture options to suit different tastes and requirements, but if our stock offerings are not exactly what you need, customized pieces can be created using the same high quality materials and proven manufacturing techniques! Here are a few qualities we offer:

  • Broad Material Selections (Wood, Metal, etc.)
  • Resilient, Comfortable Fabrics
  • Numerous Finishing Options
  • Sustainable, Durable Pieces
  • Vibrant & Traditional Color Choices
  • Unique, Custom Designs

Regardless of what you’re looking for, Ecologic Furniture has plenty of choices to achieve the right color, style, and comfort for any space. If the needed design is not readily available, we can create fully customized pieces to coordinate with your space.

Assembly & Delivery Practices

The last misconception about dorm room furniture is that it’s always a pain to construct. With the wrong provider, service could be poor or the materials might make it difficult to assemble. The modular construction of our furniture ensures easy assembly and repair. At Ecologic Furniture, we strive to provide the following to every customer:

  • Dedicated Support & Lifetime Service
  • Simple Ordering Process
  • Custom Interior Design
  • White Glove Installation
  • Post Assembly/Install Support

Our “white glove delivery service” is designed to provide a simple, stress free purchase. We not only deliver the order, but also perform light assembly tasks and remove all packaging materials after the job is done. The products have lifetime support to ensure you receive durable, long lasting dorm room furniture for every space. Contact us today to learn more about what sets Ecologic Furniture apart from the rest!


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