Growing Use of Live-Learn Environments in Residence Halls

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The traditional college living experience has always included a dorm room with a roommate and common areas for conversing with peers. For a number of colleges, this continues to be a good approach to student living; however, a new trend seems to be on the rise: live-learn environments. The idea behind this trend is to place students in an environment where the dorm room is a place of rest. Common areas become a place for continuous learning with peers who are in the same field of study. Live-learn environments are also an option colleges are choosing in an effort to make it easier for students to connect with others who share the same interests.

Ecologic Furniture Pacifica Lounge Furnishings 5As part of these surroundings, students are encouraged to participate in activities geared toward their specific field of study. The goal behind this new trend is to boost involvement for easier adjustment to college living. As a provider of residence hall and dorm room sustainable furniture, it is hard to say which is better. However, it is always a good idea to discuss any new higher education student living concepts to learn about the potential benefits and why certain colleges are choosing this option.

What is the Motivation Behind Live-Learn Environments?

Live-learn environments have helped some colleges cut costs by integrating learning and living at times when the available space is limited. For other higher learning institutions, it is seen as a solution for keeping enrollment up by helping students adjust easier. Another objective of colleges choosing this option is to provide a way to help students develop stronger bonds with their peers and faculty members in their field.

There are several reasons behind the buzz about live-learn environments. How are they different from traditional residence halls? A traditional hall will have dorm rooms and a common area where students can work and mingle. These atmospheres mix students studying in many different areas and benefits like:

  • No Commuting
    A bunch of students sitting in a live, learn environment at desks.
  • Paid Utilities & Internet
  • Easier Access to Resources
  • Increased Security
  • Free Programs

Residence halls remove the stress of everyday life thus allowing students to focus on their studies. Live-learn environments offer a way to increase the amount of space dedicated to student learning. Here are a few reasons why colleges are choosing this option:

  • Integration of Living & Learning – The choice provides a way to integrate living and housing with learning. By doing so, the focus is taken away from lecture halls and the students’ learning atmosphere is expanded.
  • Dorm Rooms Need to be a Resting Area – It is believed that live-learn environments change the dynamics of college by making the dorm room a serene place to unwind.
  • A Way to Counter Surging Educational Costs – The cost of higher learning continues to increase and colleges are experiencing decreases in the student population. For some, live-learn environments are an enticing way to attract students by offering more for about the same cost.
  • Boost Enrollment & Make Adjustment Easier – Universities are looking for ways to decrease dorm room space through expansion of public space. This option sometimes helps universities boost enrollment and maintain the student population through the concept of an affordable, learning-centered living space.

From a general standpoint, traditional residence halls and live-learn environments both have their advantages. Universities choose this new living space concept in an effort to tackle the rising issues discussed above. For some colleges, these atmospheres offer a solution to the problem of crammed housing and programs that do not promote continuous advancement.

Designing Your Space: Choosing the Right Furniture is Essential

Whether your university continues to use traditional residence halls or has chosen the concept of live-learn environments, designing these areas with comfortable, sustainable furniture is important. Some colleges choose learning centered living areas because they need to accommodate space restrictions while others use this option to boost attendance or help students with surging educational expenses. Live-learn environments are an alternative option some colleges are choosing to offer additional benefits at an affordable cost.

A large number of universities still continue to construct, design, and use traditional residence halls because of the benefits they offer. Whatever direction is chosen, these living areas have to be furnished and designed appropriately. As part of the design consideration, it is essential to choose furnishing options that are:

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Sustainable
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Durable
  • Well-Crafted

Ecologic Furniture

Typical Large University BuildingAt Ecologic Furniture, we are dedicated to providing high-quality, sustainable furnishing solutions. Our team is here to help you get the best quality furniture at the right price for both traditional residence halls and live-learn environments. Despite popular belief, residence hall furniture has come a long way over the years. The common assumptions of it being cheaply made or low quality can be thrown out the window. At Ecologic, we strive to deliver durable furnishings capable of withstanding the rigorous use of student living areas.

We want to ensure all your needs are covered from customer service to custom designs. Our mission is to help you furnish student living areas with comfortable, sustainable furnishing at the most affordable price. We offer several trendy, stylish options and entire furniture suites to ensure your space has an inviting atmosphere. Whether the area is a community oriented live-learn environment, a place to rest, or a more traditional residence hall, a number of options are available to deliver top-notch student accommodations. Contact us today to learn about our products and how they can help you deliver a warm, inviting living atmosphere to every student.

At Ecologic Furniture, we are dedicated to provided high-quality, sustainable residence hall furnishing solutions. Contact us to learn how we can assist with making your communities a warm, inviting atmosphere for enriched student learning.


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